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A Quick Guide to Picking an HVAC company in Lapeer, MI

People in Lapeer have put their trust in Davison Heating & Cooling for more than 2 decades

People in Lapeer have put their trust in Davison Heating & Cooling for more than 2 decades

Are you are tired of your mediocre window-mounted air conditioner or a poorly running furnace, and you decide you want to install an HVAC unit that is highly efficient? How about heating and cooling right at your fingertips using the latest technology? But how do you choose a good HVAC company?

Before you can get that sweet new HVAC unit, you need to do a bunch of research, but where do you even start?

Here are a few tips before picking an HVAC company!

“Our name may be Davison, but we are Lapeer County’s most trusted heating & cooling company for over 20 years.”


You want the best to come in and fix your HVAC system. A Michigan license requires accumulating 2 years of experience and passing a 200 question exam for a first-class refrigeration license. Whoever you pick must have their licensing up to date.

You want your chosen company to have a lot of HVAC repair experience under their belts before they come into your home. You should ask your technician what brands they carry, and what their experience levels for each are.

It may seem like a trivial question, but you don’t want your technician to be installing a brand and model they’ve never done before!

When Lapeer needs a heating & cooling company they can trust, they call Davison Heating & Cooling.

Home Evaluation

Never trust a company who can give you an estimate over the phone, unless you’re talking general services. You want them to send a technician down to evaluate your home personally. That way, they see what the problem is, not just what they think it might be.

You want then to look at not just the HVAC system itself, but also your insulation. Once the evaluation is done, they should give you their written, itemized estimate.

You can use that estimate to compare and contrast proposals from other local businesses you are looking into. Don’t use price alone, as things like the type of warranty and energy efficiency should factor into your decision as well.

Getting things done right by a licensed professional has helped make Davison Heating & Cooling the most trusted name in Lapeer, Michigan for over 20 years.

References and Reviews

When evaluating a company, ask for references and referrals. Then call them and ask if the company finished up when they said they would and were within the budget agreed upon. Ask if the technician tested the system at all before they left.

Look up the company in the Better Business Bureau to see what, if any, complaints were registered. Check online to see what people are saying, but also, take online reviews with a grain of salt. Beware of fake reviews!

Rebates and Special Offers

Since HVAC repair costs are so high, you want to look around online for special offers, or even ask the company. Some places offer specials for replacing old units with newer, more efficient models. You might be able to find special deals on financing if you ask the right company!

Keep in mind that rebates and specials offers might be a dodge from an unethical company. They artificially raise their prices, and these “special offers” just bring the price down to everyone else’s base price! This is why it’s so important to look the company up for reviews and ratings

Picking An HVAC Company

Picking an HVAC company is an important decision for your home. You don’t want to get taken for a ride by bad actors. That’s why it’s always important to check their license, references, and referrals. For over 2 decades, people in Lapeer, Michigan – and communities all over Mid-Michigan and the Thumb have counted on Davison Heating & Cooling.

Perhaps no local contractor has worked on more homes and businesses in the Lapeer community over the last 20 years than Davison Heating & Cooling. From new home installations to service and repairs, to replacement units – people around here trust Davison Heating & Cooling like no other service contractor. Ask a friend or neighbor who they recommend, and we bet it will be Davison Heating & Cooling. Our people and the high quality of service are the reasons why. So even though we are just up the road in Davison, we support our Lapeer friends just like we always have.

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