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Pets & Your HVAC System

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Pets & Your HVAC System: 5 Simple Steps to Keep Things Running Smoothly

For many families, pets are an amazing part of our households. Pets bring all kinds of benefits as companions. According to the CDC, owning a pet can bring you positive health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and depression. (About Pets & People).

That said, pets can hurt your HVAC system (HVAC stands for heating ventilation & air conditioning system) if you don’t take a few simple steps to keep it running efficiently.

Begin by understanding that your HVAC system provides quality indoor air from the fresh outdoor air, filtered and temperature adjusted for your comfort. Understanding this is a great first step. Now, let’s look at 5 things you can do if you own pets to ensure your HVAC system stays in top working order.

Step One: Clean and Vacuum Your House Frequently

Properly cleaning your home ensures that less pet hair or dander is lying around your house – before it gets caught up in the filter of your heating & cooling system. This will prolong the life of your filters and your HVAC system. It will also cut down on your utility bills, saving you money.

Step Two: Change Filters Frequently

An unclean filter can cost on utilities and unnecessary repairs

That said, all pets shed hair and release dander (small pieces of skin from animals that float in the air), which will end up in the HVAC filter. Left unaddressed, your HVAC unit filters will be clogged, and the airflow can be blocked. How often should you change your filter then? This will depend on the type of pet or pets you own and the HVAC filter system. In a non-pet home, we recommend changing your filters every three months. Pet owners should consider doing this more often. Inspect your filter, at least each month. It may be worth looking at a HEPA filter that can trap the tiniest dander from your pet. We also offer stand-alone and other types of air filtration systems. Just ask us.

Step Three: Groom and Brush Your Pet

A well-groomed pet will go a long way in protecting your HVAC system. Pets with fur tend to shed it routinely, so don’t wait until it drops. Get in the habit of brushing your pet, outside if possible. Also, consider a shedding brush, which is available at most pet stores.

Pets can be injured by unprotected outside AC units

Step Four: Cover All Electric Wires and the Outdoor Unit of the HVAC System

To stop your pets from hurting themselves and damaging your HVAC system, be sure that all electric wires connected to your system are enclosed and protected. Enclosing all electrical wires in protected conduit is the best method. Any outdoor unit of your system should likewise be covered to ensure that if the pet cannot tamper with it.
Many pets urinate and mark their spot on outdoor air conditioning units. Pet urine can cause significant damage. Some pets are injured, putting their paws into the exposed and unprotected outdoor system. Take measures to prevent this.

Step Five: Clean Ductwork Occasionally

Over time, pet hair and dander can accumulate in your heating & cooling system ductwork. This build-up will affect how well it provides air to your house. Ensure it is cleaned every three to five years. This will likewise improve the quality of air in your household and your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Pets are a wonderful part of so many of the homes we serve here in Michigan. Taking these 5 simple steps will help keep your house as pet friendly as possible.

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