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Professional Switches and Outlets Services Near You in the Davison, MI Area

Whether you are looking to install additional switches in your Davison, MI home, replace your old switches and outlets, or are in need of repair for your switches and outlets, you can rely on Davison Home Services for it all. Our licensed electricians are here to help you with any services you need installed, repaired, or replaced in regards to your switches and outlets. If you are in need of electrical repair, installation, or replacement for your home’s switches and outlets, call the experts at Davison Home Services today to learn more about our electrical services and to book an appointment!

Benefits and Advantages of Professional Switches and Outlets Services From Davison Home Services

When you entrust Davison Home Services for Professional Switches and Outlets Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that is required to accurately install, repair, or replace the switches and outlets in your home. Our number one priority is to make sure your Davison, MI home’s switches and outlets are installed, repaired, or replaced correctly and are operating safely. If you are in need of Professional Switches and Outlets Services, you can count on Davison Home Services to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. Call us today to get more information, get your questions answered, and schedule Switches and Outlets Services!

Types of Electrical Switches and Outlets

Standard Electrical Outlets
Standard electrical outlets are the most commonly used outlets in most Davison, MI homes. Standard electrical outlets have two parallel slots that accept any standard plugs rated for fifteen to twenty amps of electricity.

Grounded Electrical Outlets
Grounded electrical outlets are essentially the same thing as a standard electrical outlet but they have a third slot for a grounding wire. Grounded electrical outlets are used by appliances and any devices that have three-prong plugs. Grounded outlets are rated for fifteen to twenty amps of electricity.

GFCI Electrical Outlets
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlets are designed to help prevent against electrical shocks. GFCI electrical outlets interrupt the circuit when they detect a ground fault. This can help to prevent electrical shocks by breaking up the circuit and stopping the flow of electricity when it needs to be interrupted and stopped.

When Should I Have Davison Home Services Replace My Switches and Outlets?

There are a few instances when it is recommended to have your Davison, MI home’s switches and outlets replaced. Firstly, if your electrical outlets are no longer able to hold the prongs of a plug, it is time to have them either professionally repaired or replaced by a licensed electrician at Davison Home Services. Broken outlets can actually create serious shocks and fire hazards if left unattended and should be thoroughly inspected at the first sign of damage. In this event, perform a visual inspection of your outlets:


If an outlet begins sparking as soon as you plug an appliance into it, there is obviously something wrong with it that will require professional repair. Sparks coming from your electrical outlets are a major fire hazard as they can lead to electrical and house fires and need to be tended to by Davison Home Services professionals immediately.


Similarly, if you notice smoke coming from your electrical outlets, particularly when you plug something into the appliance, there is also a completely obvious issue with the outlet and it will require professional attention and repair from a licensed electrician at Davison Home Services as soon as you possibly can.

Cracked Outlets

When an outlet’s cover plates are cracked, this means that some of its wires are exposed as well which is a massive shock risk and electrical fire hazard. This will again need to be addressed by a professional at Davison Home Services and do not touch or use this outlet until it is serviced and repaired by a licensed electrician.

Discolored Outlets

Burnt marks, blacking, or discoloration on your outlets is an indication of overheating which again is an electrical fire threat. Call Davison Home Services right away to have the outlet serviced and repaired by a licensed electrician and do not use or touch the outlet until it has been repaired.

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Do I need a circuit installed to add an outlet?

For most modern homes, you should be able to use the existing circuits when you install a new outlet. It is highly recommended to have a licensed electrician install any circuits and/or outlets in your home as electrical work can be very hazardous, potentially resulting in electrical shock or fire. Our lighting experts at Davison Home Services have all of the knowledge, skills, and experience to properly install any circuits or outlets you need put in your home.

Is installing a light switch dangerous?

While replacing a light switch may appear to be an easy task, it can actually be very dangerous if not done correctly. Electrical work is very complex and is easy to mess up without the proper knowledge, and can cause electric shock and fires. If you are debating on whether or not to install a light switch yourself, the best bet is to have a professional from Davison Home Services do the install as they possess the proper training, skills, and experience.

How much does it cost to install an electrical outlet?

The average cost around the country to install an electrical outlet is $160. The price will depend on a few things that your Davison Home Services electrician will determine after assessing your home. Davison Home Services always offers a fair and honest free price quote before ever doing any work.

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